Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grenadierkompanie vs. Tankovy

I just got Grey Wolf in the mail the other day and went straight to forming a Grenadierkompanie. My friends and I are all playing 1265 list as we are getting ready for Adepticon this spring. Here's what I game up with.

CiC, 2iC    45 
Panzerknacker  5

2 Grenader platoons 210
panzerfaust   20

4 Brummbars  280

4 StuG G's  380

2 PaK40's   110
Transports  5

Hs 129b
Sporatic Air  115

Total: 1265 on the dot.

Now to the board. With Pete's flee market buys we made do. 

We got a wheat field in the upper middle of the board. Surrounded by woods and a few hills (Hull down capable). A somewhat basic town in the lower left with hedges for their yards. We played them as just concealing terrain. Then there was the crop rows in the lower right hand side.

 This is what Pete was fielding.
Yea, thats a lot of T-34/76's. 20 with the battalion commander. I always look at Tankovy the same way every time, FUCK! But whatever, we've all had to deal with them. Oh yea, he has Limited Air Support dropping bombs to my top armor. 

We rolled for scenario and came up with Hold the Line. Having put my 2 grenadier platoons, and Pak40's in reserves, I put down the Brummbars dead center of the board and the two objectives. Leaving my 4 StuG's waiting in ambush.

 Pete was able to lay down he's entire force. Hence the name, Hold the Line. 

 He put 2 tank company's on my left flank and one on my right. Having first turn and taking advantage of the small 4x4 table, Pete moved his entire force at the double. 
 The two company's ending up right on my left objective. Thankfully the woods separated us and it bought me some time on my right objective. Suffering from the Russian Hen & Chick rule, his entire force couldn't fire. He did get air support but failed to hit my well spread out Brummbars in the wheat field.

Now it was my turn. I rolled for reserves and was able to bring on an infantry platoon. They raced forward to contest the objective. Leaving their ass end exposed, I revealed my 4 StuG ambush just left of the center woods. Killing 2 and bailing 2 others. Giving the grens time to stormtroop into the woods.
 My planes came in taking advantage of Pete's bunched up tanks on the right.

Pete starts moving into position in a move for both objectives.

After killing 3 grenadier teams, he moves in for an assult. I'm able to smoke one as he came in with the defensive fire from my panzerfaust. 
After killing another infantry team, my grens high tailed it towards the StuG's. They then failed their platoon morale and just kept on running right off the board. But wait, my PaK40's come out of reserves!!

 Pete consolidates he's force on the objective.

 The PaKs, StuGs, and Brummbars surround the 2 detached platoons. Trying to force a morale check. They only kill one more.
A PaK40 is lost in Petes returning fire. But now it was my turn again. With all guns firing at full ROF, they unleashed!!!

Destorying the detached platoon in the woods and forcing morale checks. Both failing and running off. I stormtrooper all my troops to help out the battered Brumms.
StuGs move into position and start cleaning up. Forcing another morale, Pete roles a 1. Then a three with his Battalion. The game was won!!!

We packed up and headed home. Some have a little less to pack then others.

Anyways, it was a good game. With such a small, cramped table, both our planes barely saw action. I really liked Pete's "at the double move", it put us right in the battle right off the bat. I must say though, my reserves seemed to come on just when they needed to. And then some really, cause my 2nd infantry platoon came on in my winning turn. I only mention this cause it never seems to work out so well for me in any other game (Jason!!!). Well I hope you enjoyed my very first battle report. My first blog post as well.